Public Lands Day

I took advantage of today’s public lands day and enjoy free access to Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge.  One of the last places in the United States that has ocelots on its land.  While I didn’t see any of these cats, I did take advantage of the bird blind and got some good shots of a pair of cardinals, and some green jays.  Enjoy.

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Summer Hikes and Wildlife

The summer has begun and I’m going to be out and about trying to hike and catch some wildlife in the wild. I decided to start closer to home, so I visited Hugh Ramsey Nature Park.  I’ve visited this park for the last 2 days, shortly after sunrise.  I’m using a “natural” mosquito repellent that is somewhat effective.  At least it smells better than most repellents, and I believe it works just as well.  There are just so many mosquitoes.  They have been leaving my legs alone but are obsessed with my right elbow (about 9 bites over the course of 2 days).  Well enough about my trials… here are some pictures of the wild life.

Hugh Ramsey Bird Trail_2017_06_05_0002

Hugh Ramsey Bird Trail_2017_06_05_0005

Hugh Ramsey Bird Trail_2017_06_06_0012

Hugh Ramsey Bird Trail_2017_06_06_0015

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Goliad, Salado and Thanksgiving 

So this trip started out interesting, while loading my truck this morning I locked the door to my kitchen and had to bust the door jam to get back inside.  I’m not looking forward to repairing the door frame.  After that though, the trip was very smooth and the traffic was light.

My first stop was Goliad State Park for  a geocache and to visit the mission I first saw 30 years ago as a middle schooler.  It is much smaller than I remember.  The mission itself was restored in 1935 by the CCC after laying in ruins since the 1800’s.

I then headed over to Round Rock to have lunch with one of my online gaming friends at Kerbey Lane Café.  The coffee was very good and the specialty yam pancakes were as good a the homemade sausage.

I then set off for Salado and my first Bed and Breakfast experience.  The funny thing here is I’m the only person staying here. So I have know one with whom to play cards and I don’t have to negotiate with anyone on what TV show we should watch.

It is now dinner time, sort of, so I setout to find something to eat.  The place suggested by my sister is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so I had to find plan B.  In the process I found this newly opened craft brewery / winery bar.  They don’t serve food, but do allow you to bring it in from the outside.  I chose to head to one of the few places open for dinner and had some BBQ.  Once my hunger was sated I went to quench my thirst at that bar I mentioned.  There were 50+ Texas draft beers on tap and I enjoyed 2 flights of 4 varieties.  All I would drink again.


Flight Check

I am back at the B&B, writing up these notes and watching the movie 2012 on SyFy.  Breakfast is at 9 AM and after there are a few sites here in Salado I want to see before heading out to a park and do some more geocaching.

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July 2016 Final Day

So my trip finally comes to an end I ended with a concert in Dallas I saw a group called Icon for Hire

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and even had some cousins coming to town


and see it with me.  

Tomorrow I drive home and then back to reality and work and school until next year when I can travel again to some unknown destination

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July 2016 Seattle Day Two

Today I walked from my hotel to the Spaceneedle.  I started my walk at 8 AM so the streets were empty.  I got to the Spaceneedle shortlly after it opened so I headed up for a very chilly look at the city. The slide show below shows the direction and the view from that direction.

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Here are some pictures from two Seattle Museums.  The glass sculptures are from the Chihuly Garden and Glass and the others are from the EMP Museum (Music and Sci-Fi Museum)

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July 2016 Seattle Day One

August 1, 2016

My train arrived around 11 AM in the morning and I can’t check into my hotel until 4 PM, so the plan?  Take my luggage to the hotel and then explore.

I purchased an Orca card which is the method to pay for public transit.  I like using the multi use passes because I normally get on the wrong bus at least once until I figure out the system.  Google is great at getting you to the bus stops.

The first place I went was the Pike Street Market, I can’t believe people even try to drive down that street.  The fresh produce is amazing.

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Next I tried to visit the original Starbucks but the line is very very long…


The next place I visited and yes I realize I did some back tracking, but I was just wandering around with no real plan… here is the most disgusting thing I saw..


yes, that is the gum wall, and the amount of gum that goes up and down this alley on both sides along with the “creativity” of some people making designs is total disgusting… A majority of people walking here said as much, but that didn’t stop too many of them from placing their own piece of gum on the wall.

I spent the rest of the day just wandering the streets and enjoying the cool weather.  Tomorrow is the Spaceneedle and EMP.

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July 2016 Train to Seattle 

So my train leaves at 6:45pm, check out of the lodge is 11:00am… so I have about 8 hours to do something…
So what I  ended up doing was having breakfast. I had the huckleberry pancakes that were as big as the plate so I was only able to eat about half of it. Nexted I packed my bags and now I’m just sitting out on the back porch the lodge waiting till about 1030 until I officially check out of my room and then I’ll have a couple hours to kill before the train.

I think I found a huckleberry bush at the lodge,

As I’m finishing up lunch, I can testify that Montana can make great elk sausages. After today’s lunch I’ve tried 3 types and I’ve been happy with all of them.

So the train ride from Glacier to Seattle was uneventful. I stayed in my coach seat and tried to sleep.  The only cool thing was being in the end car when the train split and the front half went to Seattle and the back half went to Portland.

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July 2016 Glacier National DAY TWO 

July 30th. Started today at 5:30am, why? well the sunrise is at 6:05 am so I wanted to be up to get my camera ready. Summer 2016 Trip_2016_07_30_0135

Had an early breakfast, the buffet again. I’m saving the huckleberry pancakes for tomorrow. One thing that I noticed most of the staff here is they are in their twenties and I was thinking that 20 years ago this would have been something really cool to do. One of the shuttle drivers is a older gentleman that lives in Arizona and comes up here every summer to get away from the heat.  I might have to look into that, but I first need to downsize my life.

In an hour I am taking “Going-to-the-sun road”, an 8 hour bus tour through Glacier National Park more photos and videos to come.

sneak peek until I get to Seattle and can type up a summary on my laptop.

So some quick advice if you are traveling to glacier national Park I would recommend taking the “Going-to-the-sun road” tour first since it gives you a nice overview of of the park and will let you plan for your next couple days of which trails you wish to hike. And if you are a Geocacher, remember to look for the POI. I got too excited about taking pictures that I forgot to look for the answers to the cache questions. Guess I will just have to come back. 😉 I really wish I had another five days; so I could hike all those other trails, the easy day trails would’ve been nice to see.

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Oh and one other thing to point out; the people that carry bear spray really need a license or should be trained before they carry. One of my fellow lodgers went on a hike and mentioned that while they were on the trail,  a father sat down and the bear spray went off in his son’s face; not a pleasant experience.

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July 2016 Glacier National DAY ONE

The boat tour… July 29

Good morning, Sunrise (6:05 am)from my window.

I had a nice buffet breakfast at the lodge. The coffee was good and the biscuits flakey.

I’m now (8:08 am) waiting for the bus to take me to the boat tour of Two Medicine area. 

The boat tour of Two Medicine Lake is on the oldest boat on the lake. It was built in the 1920’s and has been in service ever since. 

So I’m back at the lodge and have been for a while went to eat, and read a book before posting.  As before the good pictures will be up Aug 8th or a bit later.

It seems more detail needed to be added to this trip.  It was not a 3 hour boat tour, but a 20 minute boat tour that took you across a lake so you could hike some of the shorter trails in East Glacier National Park.  I am glad I prepared for hiking, because some others didn’t and didn’t really see much of the park.

As before the good photos will be uploaded later, but I saw what is called here in the park The Twin Falls and further down the trail the Two Lakes both along the Bighorn Basin. I recorded some video that I will post later, but it needs some edits so I don’t sound like a complete idiot as a babel about stuff I know nothing about.

I’ve got two stories to tell, which is why anyone goes on an adventure…

The first, I met a woman who was 15 miles from completing the Continental Divide Trail.  She and a friend had just hiked 7 days and had stopped to take a shower and resupply as they made the final push to met the goal.  Sometime on July 30th this women will have hiked according to a google search 3100 miles from Mexico to Canada… That is dedication.  Admittedly, she said it was not all in one trek, but in multiple trips over a few years, but still that is way more than I’ve done nor most of us.

And story two, (insert chipmunk) Why is there a chipmunk here… he/she is the reason fro the story.  I was hiking the trail to the Two Lakes and at the end of the travel I stopped to drink some water and eat a bit of trail mix when I notice some of the native wildlife.  Since this is a frequently visited area with camp grounds near by, some of the smaller critters, ie a chipmunk were not as afraid as the birds and lizards I saw along the trail.  Why is this chipmunk so important? I saved a young man a bunch of money.  It seems he and a group of friends had been in that exact spot the day before and while leaving, this young man dropped something.  He dropped his car keys.  This little chipmunk I guess was interested in the keys, and as I was pointing him out to a group of ladies that had just arrived, one of their part noticed something and picked up some car keys.  They took those keys to the gift shop by the tour ferry and learned that the young man had called a tow truck earlier that morning and sadly he was already gone… but wait something had delayed the tow truck and he was sitting in the snack area drinking coffee and still waiting.  So the end of the tail, a little chipmunk looking for a candy bar helped out.

Well, I have another adventure tomorrow.  It is a bus tour of the park, so I’m thinking my feet won’t hurt as much… hehe.


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July 2016 Train to Glacier 

This was a long ride. I enjoyed a long conversation with a newly wed Amish couple and their extended family traveling to West Glacier visit family and then to do some camping and fishing. I asked him about their way of life and he asked me about politics. His family doesn’t vote, and leaves it up to God in prayer to pick the best leaders. For my political take, we need a miracle.

As I said this was a long train ride, over 24 hours and the train was full most of the time with people getting on and off as we went along.  To travel by train you must be very patient, you will see quiet, reserved people like the Amish to loud and rowdy college students taking a vaca before they start their freshman term…

Here are some pictures mostly of farm country, corn and wheat and a river or 2.

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