Geocaching 4 days straight

I guess I can call it a healthy addiction if I ignore the sunburn and all the scratches… I am getting out and walking a lot, coming home sweaty and dirty like I was a little kid.  I’ve found 20 caches so far.  Still plenty around me, so tomorrow will be another round…

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Geocaching = FUN

I just discovered geocaching this past week and just spent 3 hours driving and walking around where I live to discover some these awesome caches.

Above are some pictures of me with some of the caches I found.  Notice some can be very small.
Think real life meets exploration in any MMO except by the end of your hunt you are very tired and have almost walked 5+ miles.  I so wish I knew about this 3 years ago when I really started traveling.  Guess I will just have to retrace all my steps over the last 3 years… 🙂

Oh, you are asking your self what is geocaching? Sorry, I got excited and if you don’t play MMOs I’m not even speaking your language… Geocaching is when someone hides a container with a sheet of paper or a log book so that when it is discovered by others they can write their name and date.  Some of these containers are large enough for people to place items inside and retrieve items.  There are even special coins and tags that are designed to be taken by the finder and placed into one of the next caches they find so the original owner can track the items journey.  This is all accomplished through the website Geocaching

So how do you get started…

Well you need to get a GPS device, either a stand alone or your cell phone with a geocaching app downloaded or directly copy the GPS coordinates from the website and then head out for your adventure.  The GPS coordinates are just to get you to the destination, say within 20 feet.  It is now your job to look around and try to find the hiding place.  Seeing as this was my first time, I made use of all the logged information on the website about each of the caches.  Most people try to be careful and not reveal the exact location or even what the object looks like.  People tracking down the caches can upload pictures and make comments on the geocache apps that you can choose to open or ignore depending on the level of difficulty you want on your quest.

I’m looking forward to the next time I can go questing.  It might even be tomorrow. 🙂

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The Results from the 5K CupK Fun Run

Start Time
Oct 13, 2012 8:24 AM
Distance 5 km
Avg Speed
13:07 min/mi

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The carrot at the end of the stick


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I’ve already won, and the race hasn’t started


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Today is the Race

I’m  as ready as I can be for my 2nd 5K.  Since I have a 45 minute drive to the race location, I think I will eat a small breakfast.  Current temperature is 78 degrees with 83% humidity… going to be a real sweaty race.  To bad the race wasn’t last weekend when the cold front came through and temperatures were done in the low 60’s…  I’ll post a pic or send a link to pics once I finish today… Did I mention there are cupcakes at the end of the race? Who won’t run for cupcakes?

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Back on track?

Didn’t run this morning cause I woke up with a bad chest cold… A full day of activity and some cold meds and I was up for the challenge of running this afternoon/evening in the heat. On a side note, when does fall start its still so dang hot…  I’m trying to remember what my first 5K time was.  I think this is it… well at least its a 5K, might not be the Turkey Trot  (46 min 32 sec).

Here is today’s run.  Did an 11 min mile my best so far. 🙂

Start Time
Sep 24, 2012 6:27 PM
2.53 miles
Avg Speed
13:18 min/mi
Max Speed
8:31 min/mi
587 kcal


On another side note, Endomondo app shows I need to drink 40oz of fluids, I assume beer doesn’t count ? 😦

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2 weeks left… making contingency plans

Tried to run 5K this morning.. EPIC FAIL.. I really haven’t been putting my best effort toward training, so I only have myself to blame. In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try” so I will run everyday this week and go just a bit further each day. I know I can walk the 5K, but I really want to run 60% of it at this point… so 3K running 2K walking.

Start Time
Sep 23, 2012 6:06 AM
2.71 miles
Avg Speed
14:15 min/mi
Max Speed
9:10 min/mi
608 kcal

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Been gone a week

Well, not really gone, but been really lazy and haven’t run or walked. Just started again today… only 3 weeks to get ready for the 5K on Oct 13th. Don’t think I will be able to run the whole thing… but there are still 3 weeks to try 🙂

Start Time
Sep 17, 2012 6:15 PM
2.02 miles
Avg Speed
13:16 min/mi
Max Speed
7:40 min/mi
469 kcal

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Check In

Well, I’m averaging a 7min Kilometer, so if I can keep breathing I’ll be done in 35 minutes for my 5K. I guess I better try a practice 5K this weekend and see how long I can actually continuously run.

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