Another week in the books

Well another week is drawing to a close and I just got home from an impromptu sound gig.  I was able to help out a local singer/song writer at her weekly music show since her regular soundman double booked himself.  So if you are looking for a new country artist to follow check out @LaurenAshCor on Twitter or LaurenCorzine on FacebookIMG_20160506_175442402.jpg

Also I’m still geocaching and very excited about the new geocoins I received in the mail.  They are much bigger than I thought so its going to take a bit to find a large enough cache to hold them. In my area there are too many nano, micros and small caches.  The most popular is recycled pill bottles. When I get ready to set free my geocoin to the world I’ll post a picture and a link so anyone can follow the coins adventures. Here are two pictures from my weekly geocaching…

The sunflowers reminded my of my grandmother, who just loved sunflowers.  She even decorated her Christmas tree with only sunflowers one year.  It’s always good to be reminded of the ones you love that are no longer with you, and can only travel with you in your heart.


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Lava Surfing

So this past Friday, I went lava surfing in Elder Scrolls Online.

Check out the fun.

YouTube – ESO Lava Surfing

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Kerbal Space Program – Mun Orbiting

Yes, finally successfully got a probe into the orbit of Mun. Next goal is to land Kerbals on the Mun and then get them home. Fuel usage seems to be the biggest problem I have.

In Mun Orbit Oct 19

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My adventure into Kerbal Space Program

My adventure into Kerbal Space Program

I got my Kerbals into orbit with fuel to get home.

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New game eating my free time

Seems embeded ad campaigns work.  I clicked on the ads and ended up getting an account.  I’ve already been killed once and I wasn’t even trying to PvP.  I’m living now in more secure space and working on being a miner.  Once I can afford to lose ships I’ll check out 0.0 space.  if you are looking for a new online game join me.

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Uses of Twitter

This was one of the good ideas I probably never would have thought about, thanks Mr. Dvorak.

Twitter Witness = Twitness

The Twitness involves a few hundred Twitterers watching something such as the Academy Awards show, and tweeting about the show with all sorts of funny remarks about the clothes or the idiocies of the event. It turns something solitary like TV watching into an interactive, shared experience.

Read the whole article here:  Nine Ways to Use Twitter

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Audible and Nike+

Well, I didn’t get any credit for my walk today because Nike+ seems to only work with playlists and I hadn’t set my audible book into a playlists.  Problem is solved for tomorrow.  I hope. 😉

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Audible Plunge

Ok, I just took the plunge and just downloaded 2 books, Inkheart and Neverwhere. I hope this ends up being as useful as everyone says.

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